Using Music to Boost Productivity


Using Music to Boost Productivity

Why should you listen to music while working? 

Because, it’s pretty amazing.

Remotely working does mean you don’t get to hear office banter. You can hear the blades of the fan in your room, the ding of the microwave in the kitchen, or just silence. You might either want to tune out of all the noise or stop the deafening quietness. Music is an approved option to remotely work. Plus, you can occasionally throw in your favourite moves and calm your nerves while you work.

Music has changed the lives of a lot of people since the beginning of time. And, the beginning of music. But it’s important to know when to play music and why to play it.

It might not be the right thing to play while learning, as a number of studies indicate. Your brain is already working on analysing and remembering information. Now, when you play music, your brain also has to process auditory data. This might mix up the way you remember data (you don’t want an angry boss). So, if you are learning, it’s best to not have music. However, most studies are still developing and a lot of them contradict each other. So, whatever works best is great.

Classical music is considered to be the master at boosting productivity. Mozart won’t do your work but classical music is interesting and helps you stay glued to work. You could try listening to Beethoven or Bach, for starters. 

If you are working remotely in a noisy environment, music is a great idea. You can stop your brain from processing all the noise. You don’t have to use up energy to finish your day’s work and to hear your neighbour’s kid cry. Music can block out the excessive output and help you calm down and relax. 

A great time to play music is also when you are performing a repetitive task. The chances of you performing faster with fewer errors is pretty good. Music releases your feel-good neurotransmitters and this helps you focus better. It also affects how you talk to your colleagues at work. It’s important to make sure you don’t sulk and lash out at someone; the possibilities are high, considering that we are on a global standstill!

An option for background music could be what constitutes as ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) or other ambient music. For all you know, listening to the sound of whispers, birds chirping, the sound of rain or flowing water might work wonders for you. 

Occasionally, reward yourself with a bunch of music that you have loved singing out loud and dancing to. Something that makes you nostalgic or helps you shake off your nerves. You can try your luck at singing all of Bohemian Rhapsody (which by itself is entertaining) or perfect the steps to Macarena. 

(Personal recommendation: Just Dance videos on YouTube).

Make your playlist out of songs you know and love. It can be life-changing to add some music (and a few moves) to your workday, especially when everything is mundane. Of course, an alternative is to select from the playlists that Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud have to offer. Despite all the options you have of choosing what you listen to and when you listen to, music is for you to feel good. Pick out songs you love so that your brain wakes up and your work-time feels good. What you do for yourself is what’s important.

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