edhack is a company born out of our campaign #Unboard which was active during May of 2018. We reached out to over 1,00,000 kids all across the country, trying to normalise the idea of failure in a broken education system, and promoting alternative ways of educating ourselves and finding meaning.

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During the campaign, we onboarded counsellors to help us assist kids in charting alternative learning plans for themselves, and created a directory of institutions that do not judge kids by grade cards. We also reached out to companies for asking them to redesign recruitment policies to treat self-designed learners fairly.

Thanks to the thousands who signed up to show support for our vision, we realised we could take up a much larger role in shaping the learning-livelihood pipeline. In February 2019, we registered ourselves as a for-profit partnership - the edhack company. Now we are not just crusading for a better future, we are co-designing it with institutions and companies.