Types of Remote Workers

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Types of Remote Workers

Types of Remote Workers

Everyone is now working from home, thanks to the coronavirus. Of course, this means missing out on the pot lunch, free cookies and all the fire evacuation drills. Remote workers survive and brave through this storm in a number of ways. 

Not all employees function in the same manner. Some do not get off their desk for hours together while some are always wandering. Some love distracting their co-workers, while some are barely awake till the afternoon. Understanding the taxonomy of remote workers can help the company understand the workforce better. 

So, which type are you?

The Night Owl

The Night Owl is the worker who spends all night working. Burning the midnight oil, such workers are the most productive and efficient after late evenings till dawn. These workers have a schedule that’s very important to stick to, in order to make sure one does get sleep during the day. Working in the night does mean having to work on shifting your bodily functions. One will have to sleep during the day, in the midst of all the commotion at home. Working in the night is also a task for someone who loves playing loud music on the speakers. But, on the bright side, there’s no one (except the other half of the world) to disturb the night owl.

The Chief

The Chief is a natural at reaching out to everyone in all the corners of the world and getting all the work done. This person keeps up with all the deadlines, is active on all group chats and constantly checks-in on everyone. This person holds the entire team and lays down a positive culture of remote working. You will find them awake at 1am, in the middle of a Sunday brunch taking part in work-related activities. If you identify yourself as a person who is great at communicating and a 24/7 worker, make sure you give space for people to reach out to you if they aren’t natural at the skill.

The Strategist

The Strategist thrives on a routine. They make solid work plans and schedules and stick to all of them. Their workspace is filled with Post It notes of different colours (to rate the importance of all the events) on calendars. They aren’t fans of last-minute plans. To work last minute is an interruption to them. Such people are also hoarders of pretty stationary that can help them put together a schedule. 

Now you know whom to go to for an extra pen, but be prepared to answer the question; 

‘What colour?’

The life of the party

A.K.A The Social Butterflies, such people are the brightest spark in a team. They crave attention and conversations in order to complete their task. Such butterflies are everyone’s favourite and can magically lift everyone’s morale. Hold such butterflies close to the team. They are prone to feel extra isolated while working remotely, so make sure you check in on them, too. An added benefit of having such networkers on the team is that, in the middle of such pandemics, they are natural at planning virtual events and parties. 

(Clue: if you are struggling to find who this person might be, they are the ones who can talk about their virtual background on Zoom for hours together.)

The Connoisseur

The Connoisseurs are your resident experts. They are the most enthusiastic remote workers. They know to lead a team with the perfect technology to make up for all the disadvantages of remote working. With a bunch of tricks always up their sleeve, they can tackle any project head-to-head. Such workers, in the process of being productive, often find themselves having a burnout. If you identify yourself as a connoisseur of remote working, remember to stay hydrated and take regular breaks from work.

A remote worker, clearly, despite all their different styles of working, are exploring ways to better themselves. They have their own lifestyle that braves them through everything that remote working offers. Identifying the personalities of your work-from-home team can help you make use of the benefits of your workforce.

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