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Be a Product Leader who actually understands Business, Tech and UX.

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Week 1-4
  • Introduction to Product Management and Strategization, Roadmapping.
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Market Acquisition and Scaling Strategies
  • Market Funnelling, and Cost Reduction models for cross-analysis.
Week 5-8
  • UX Design fundamentals
  • User Research and Wireframing
  • Composing User Narratives
  • Cohort Analysis
Week 9-11
  • Attacking Problem Sets
  • Prototyping
  • Feature Prioritisation
  • Defining KPIs 
  • A/B Testing
Week 12-14
  • Technology Stack
  • Scrum Management
  • Writing Product Requirement Documents
  • Business Analytics

Product Manager ⏩ Product Leader

No-code Tools for Product sprint

Behavioural Economics/Heuristics

Communication + Documentation

Design Thinking In Action

Empathy for Research and Listening

We don't deserve your money if we cannot help you succeed.

What is an Income Sharing Agreement?

Usually when you enrol in a course at a college, you pay the tuition fee upfront. Whether you actually make money or get a job are not their trouble. Income Sharing Agreements help you learn risk-free by not paying the course fee until you can use that education to earn for yourself. We get our fee as a percentage of your income only if you get a well-paying job. It ties both of our incentives together.

Who is an ideal applicant for the programme?

Someone with an entry-level job in Product Management or a relevant role in the industry. This experience provides us meaningful insights about your future work ethic. You should also have buffer resources to dedicate yourself to a full-time remote learning programme. Apart from these and a stable internet connection, we prefer cohorts with diversity.

What if I don't make 15LPA?

Then you don’t have to pay anything at all. We will help you find jobs that suit your interests and convenience. But if that doesn’t work out for a year, you will be under no obligation to make us monthly payments.