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A Massive open online Course (MOOC) is a free online course that helps students and professionals in learning about different subjects and disciplines in order to get better understanding and to learn something new.

MOOCs, as the name suggests are free courses which are available for everyone who has access to a smart device and internet connection so that those living in the remote areas can also be a part of the global learning community and have a better understanding of the worldview and can contribute in making the society more better, more educated and create a platform which is more open to dialogue and discussions.

One can learn new skills and knowledge through such courses easily because of their zero cost and 24*7 availability.

Also, even if a person is a professional, MOOCs can help him/her in polishing his/her acquired knowledge as they can be accessed at anytime m

MOOCs aim to connect learners from across the globe with educators and with each other. This not only helps the educational facilities deprived people who want to study but also helps in making the world a little more tolerant place since people from different parts of the world can connect to each other through MOOCs.

Such courses help people in expanding their availability of opportunities and help them in progressing in their respective careers and widens their thought process as well their social and intellectual networks.

Website like Coursera, edX, FutureLearn provide them with a wide range of disciplines in massive open online courses which one can choose according to their preference.

MOOC is a great step in providing people with education and training since not offline classes are not available everywhere thus making the process of learning much easier but one may say that such online courses do not help in its students in having a lively classroom debate which an offline class can provide.

In conclusion, MOOC isn't a total substitute of offline classes because people don't actually graduate from them, which most employers want but they surely help in increasing our awareness and understanding.