The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google


The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google

One of Google’s most useful certification, under its Digital Unlocked initiative is the one on Digital Marketing.  The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, a 40-hour online course, has a lot to offer for the learners. It has 26 video modules, short exercises throughout and a final test with 40 questions. Post this, you will receive a pdf certificate immediately. This certificate has an ID and a link to verify its authenticity. Google, being well known in the sphere of digital sphere is offering this course (which is totally worth it) free of cost!

The digital marketing course by Google is practical and offers a lot of real-life examples to the learners. It doesn’t delve deeply into the theoretical know-how of the subject. At no point is it too technical for the learners. In addition to this, it also offers links and resources at the end of each lesson. Access to such information can aid all kinds of organisations and businesses. One is also provided with transcripts to revise the material when required. 

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing aims at ensuring its learners are skilled at various aspects of digital marketing towards the end of it. This includes analytics and digital insights, content marketing, e-commerce, business strategy, local marketing, display advertising, email marketing, SEM, SEO as well as web optimization. It covers every aspect a small business would need in terms of accessibility and in promoting their business.

This initiative has a number of attractive features. The course, by Google, provides you an insight into the functioning of the search engine. It is convenient and you can learn at your pace, since a track of your progress is maintained. Upon period completion of topics, a learner is also provided with digital badges to provide a sense of accomplishment. The certification holds a lot of value outside in the job market to help prove one’s expertise in the field.

It is, however, necessary that the learner has adequate exposure to digital marketing before taking up this course. Some hands-on experience would help one crack the examinations easily. One also has to read and research extensively. Digital marketing is a vast subject and streamlining this process of learning is essential. 

The course is a thorough and comprehensive one. The fundamentals of the course is to have an insight on how Google works. It looks into the method by which certain keywords, tags and phrases are used to position various websites. This is easier said than done. To be a specialist in digital marketing, one needs patience, practice and observation. At the end of this course, the learners are equipped with the confidence and knowledge to plan their digital marketing.

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