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Culture Code

For a company in the business of having conversations around what the future will be like, and more importantly trying to participate in building that future, we are very sensitive about the culture and work environment we create for everybody associated with us. The guideline below outlines our core beliefs about what edhack stands for and what it would not allow or encourage.

  1. edhack is a progressive organisation with no tolerance for any form of discrimination. We believe in fair treatment based on only talent, with the awareness of perspectives that diversity brings along.
  2. We consider actions that violate peoples’ dignity and/or disrespect their culture and identity as serious breaches of professional conduct.
  3. We don’t allow our platform or any credibility derived from association with us to be used for airing opinions unrepresentative of our values as an organisation.
  4. All forms of communication(written, oral, visual and digital) between edhack team members need to be governed by common decency and mutual respect. We also expect members to maintain ethical confidentiality about company matters.
  5. Complaints of any kind against any team member brought to the notice of the company will not jeopardise grievant’s work status or anonymity. We subscribe to the policy of first believing the victim, and then investigating the complaint.
  6. Meaningful work hierarchies are important for us. We expect our members to respect the same, and any abuse of authority to cause discomfort will be taken very seriously.
  7. The founders take full-responsibility to implement Culture Code with commitment, even in circumstances involving their own selves.