Leap into the future

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The time for action is now!

It is no secret that our institutions can longer keep pace with the changing workforce demand. The needs of new businesses are not the obedient, docile workers but articulate creative ones. But the pieces of the puzzle don’t fit in well. Our institutions were not designed for this purpose, or perhaps formally structured places cannot produce such individuals despite conscious efforts.

It requires a paradigm shift in how we look at ability and readiness. Degrees cannot serve that function anymore. You cannot be certified to be ‘creative,’ you must be able to prove it through your work portfolio. It can be a lot tedious to assess the suitability of such potential employees, but it is the only way to look forward.

We believe people who take alternative paths to education have a higher likelihood of possessing the ability to work in non-traditional setups, quickly adjusting to new data and demands, and thinking in radically modern ways. Their fierce sense of autonomy makes them uniquely capable of bringing new perspectives in businesses and taking decisions without being victim to redundant hierarchies.

We are calling new-age businesses in media, food, clothing, counselling, design, healing, hospitality, technology and learning to open their doors to those without degrees but necessary skills. UnBoard is inviting Indian companies to liberalise their recruitment policies and give self-designed learners their chance.

Still don’t believe us? Well here is the list of American giants who are already ahead of the curve. UnBoard can help you diversify your workplace by connecting you to networks of alternatively educated young people of your related interests.