Bitdegree: Monetize Your Learning


Bitdegree: Monetize Your Learning

BitDegree, started in 2017, is the world’s first digital crypto-incentive platform that focuses on enhancing one’s skills. It uses blockchain technology to take note of the achievements and issue cryptocurrency-based rewards to the learners. Blockchain refers to the technology that is used by cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) to have transactions that are secure, public and anonymous. This site teaches people that would help them secure valuable skills like programming, graphic designing, digital marketing while rewarding them with ‘tokens’. These BitDegree tokens, based on the Ethereum blockchain, can be used by the learners on other skills, or they can exchange it for currency. Long story short, you can learn and earn money at the same time. 

How does a BitDegree have a growing popularity? 

Most universities aren’t doing a great job at teaching real world-oriented skills. What a university teaches (from a 100-year-old book) is often different from what an employer expects out of an individual. BitDegree helps bridge this gap by not just connecting learners to employers but to teach skills that are required in the market. 

Tech-based industries are always searching for someone who is up-to-date with technology. A study online shed light on how HRs have difficulty finding tech talent and over 60% recruiters have had difficulty finding someone with talent in the field. This is also bridged by BitDegree. Companies can create courses tailored to attract potential employees. The company can choose a motivated bunch out of this, once the course is completed.

BitDegree and Gamification

The biggest challenge while learning online is having to muster up the motivation to complete a course. An incentive adopted by BitDegree is the usage of gamification as a retention method. This refers to using game mechanics (like, having rules and points) in a non-game environment, such as online learning platforms. With gamification, one can help the learner stay motivated during the entire course, from start till the finish line. This can also combat loss in concentration and boost one’s focus. 

Education has seen people shifting from traditional methods of having educators, to alternatives like homeschooling, summer schooling, and self-learning. Learning by yourself is not an easy thing and gamification is a great incentive to boost your focus. This is known to reinforce good behaviour and provide an individual with a sense of achievement. Some elements used by BitDegree are progress bars, badges, avatars, levels, quests and challenges as well as virtual currency to buy goods. 

BitDegree is a smart way to learn. Running on blockchain, it facilities and verifies the performance of a learner. One can exchange any kind of value transparently without the involvement of third parties. These transactions take place on smart contracts. On BitDegree, one also gets proof of the study which is an effective way to pay off the effort put in by a learner.

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