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Why we do what we do

We leverage technology for preparing the world for radical disruptions in the ways we govern, learn and earn.
Our manifesto for future will be published by Penguin India later this year. We are supported by Silicon Valley-based Motwani Jadeja Foundation

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Edhack Conference Delhi

Our principal belief is that no single institution or individual can really predict the future, since civilisations need to design systems to help their young find work-- we need to talk,!
We want to bring together best minds from all walks of life to have a very focused discussion on what's it gonna be like- how will we create meaning in our lives, what will institutions look like, what is the antidote to blurring line of truths, would human will remain sacred forever?
edhack con wants to ensure that not only does India not miss the next bus once again, but that we actively participate in the global debate about who is driving those buses. We will get your favourite people to talk about YouTube's algorithmsic biases, philosophy of driverless cars, Musk's plan to digitise human memory and much more.
Revolution is really a dinner party, don't be late!

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Akshay Tyagi is a serial entrepreneur from Delhi. He dropped out of the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering to build his first dorm-room start-up. Since then he has built and iterated several profitable online and offline businesses. He is currently the CSO/Co-founder of Four Lemon, a real-estate performance marketing startup. He is interested in tech, public policy and sustainability.
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Akshat Tyagi learning activist and entrepreneur based in NCR. He wrote the Naked Emperor of Education in 2014, spoke at TEDxSGSCC and contributed to TheQuint. Akshat’s first startup StoryAlert was sold in 2013. He was awarded the Rajeev Circle Fellowship in 2019.


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