disrupting how the world earns, learns & governs

A hitchhiker's guide to everything

edhack is a Delhi based learning startup born out of Unboard, a campaign 'to imagine alternative paths to learning and livelihood.’ We leverage technology for preparing the world for radical disruptions in the ways we govern, learn and earn.

The ‘hack’ in edhack stands for playful interventions in the educational and economic systems to make them more humane and fair. Our manifesto for future will be published by Penguin India later this year.

We are based in Delhi.



We want to make the world more respectful of individual brilliance and ensure that future enables us to have greater freedom, meaning and wellness.

Our principal belief is that no single institution or individual can really predict the future, since civilisations need to design systems to help their young find work.


edhack helps businesses open their doors to self-designed learners by designing policies that don't discriminate


We produce original research and content to amplify our vision. Our dedicated team creates podcasts, videos and books about the future of everything.


edhack is working to establish its own futuristic centres in Delhi. We want to evolve a thriving community of brilliant young adults, and provide them support and resources.


We work with a wide network of institutions and edtech startups to create meaningful associations to co-create the future.

Growing Ideas

edhack vision.

Our work is centred around our beliefs in democracy and diversity. We trust in individuals to direct their life trajectories through greater flexibility and openness in world’s architecture. We want to expand the range of choices people have and the agility to flock between them. edhack was created to challenge monopolies of rigid systems which are utterly unprepared to face the nonlinear future. Humility of iterating our ideas in the face new evidence is crucial to our improvising worldview. We believe in complementing objective data-centric clarity with the sacred values that we cherish.

We love feeling part of these success stories.